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Catching Up With The Gorgeous Lorna Maseko

Lorna Maseko

It is rare to find a woman like Lorna Maseko, they don’t make them like this anymore I must say. It’s not every day you find a woman sizzling hot, also in possession of made cooking skills and brains to back it.

Ladies and Gentlemen Lorna Maseko is a full package. Today we are just catching up with this gorgeous melanin Queen. Friends with Bonag…well, not a surprise Queens hang with Queens.

Oh forgot to mention her great fashion sense. Lorna is just amaizing fam. Ladies, take out your pens and take notes when you see this diva.


Foodie, celebrity chef, you go girl.

Foodie, still in shape you got to love her.

Lorna knows she has got a gorgeous body and is not afraid to show it.


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