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Here is how to catch a Cheater

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We live in a time where sadly infidelity is all around us. You might have been cheated on or you know someone who has been cheated on.

When in a relationship, sometimes we might be getting a bit paranoid that our partner might be cheating on us – this could be due to our experiences in the past, being with an unfaithful partner and intuition.

Although it is never healthy to stay paranoid worrying if your partner is cheating or not there are ways to try and find out.

According to Style Caster, here are seven ways to catch a cheater.

1. Collect the evidence

When you start getting suspicious, start collecting information. Keep track of his/her bills, ATM withdrawers and car mileage. Write it down and keep a note of these things.

2. Go where they’re not expecting you

Surprise your partner and show up at places where he/she would never find you. This is the best way to catch somebody in the act. Surprise them at work or at their favourite hangout spot. Have an excuse prepared for why you had to stop by, do this to also see if he/she is actually where they say they are.

3. Change your plans, unannounced

Tell your partner you’re going to come back home late and then come home early. Or say you’ll be out of town and then cancel the plans last minute. You can find out what your partner is up to when he/she thinks you’re far away.

4. Be smart about snooping

Check things like numbers on their phone that aren’t saved, initials saved instead of full names, check their browser history. Look for anything usual.

5. Hire a professional

Consider hiring a private investigator. They will snoop, follow and gather information for you. It will also be less traumatic for someone else to find out and tell you than for you to find by yourself. Hiring a professional will also give you peace of mind when they find out that your partner is not cheating.

-daily sun

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