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Cassper Nyovest laughs as his best friend Carpo is surrounded by a big Snake on his Neck – Watch

Cassper Nyovest seems to have had a very fun time while his best friend, Carpo, didn’t quite share that sentiment. The rapper filmed his mate getting panicky after a snake was placed on his neck and started squeezing him.

Carpo was not impressed with the reptile but Cassper was laughing the whole time, and so did his fans.

Cassper Nyovest recently had a blast at what seems to be a zoo of some sort. The rapper was there with some friends, and Carpo was there too.

Cassper Nyovest  and Carpo

While the rapper enjoyed the visit, poor Carpo didn’t have as much fun. He decided to take on the challenge of letting a snake – which looks like a green anaconda – hang around his shoulders.

This didn’t go well, and Carpo, who was nervously chuckling at first, got a real fright. The snake not only shifted but also started squeezing the poor guy.

What did his best friend Cassper do?

Well, Mufasa found the whole thing very amusing and as he recorded it, he can be heard laughing at Carpo’s expressions and the things he said.

When Carpo finally got the big reptile off him, the relief and fear could still be seen on his face. Check out the video for yourself:

Cassper’s fans were just as amused, gathered. See what some of them had to say:

Cass and Carpo have been friends for 20 years and are very close. They’ve been through good and bad and are still as tight as ever.

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