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Did you know Uzalo’s Sibonelo And Durban Gen’s Sibusiso are brothers in real life?

As shocking as it is it’s true Uzalo’s firebrand Wiseman Mncube is Ntando Mncube brother in real life. No doubt the Mncube family is talented on camera. Ntando Mncube is best known as Sibusiso in Durban Gen. However, on the other hand, Wiseman Mncube is known as Sibusiso on Uzalo.

Ntando Mncube is a South African actor, dancer and singer popular for his starring role as Apollo on the miniseries Side Dish, currently playing Sibusiso on Durban Gen. From theatre to the small screen, he has done it all. As he takes on his new role, he continues to wow viewers. Ntando Mncube Biography ( Age, Girlfriend, TV Roles, Theatre, Net Worth, Durban Gen).

He was born on the 4th of November 1986. The 34-year-old actor holds a degree in Drama, from the Durban University of Technology. However, his love life is kept under wraps. Little is known about his wife or family but we are pretty sure that he is married. Well, he has the plug and he is one of Durban Gen’s firebrands.

For his Sibusiso rumour has it that he paid an estimated R45000 per month depending on scenes and craft competence. His net worth is an estimated whopping R2145637.50.

Wiseman Mncube is a South African actor popular for his role Sibonelo on Uzalo. It would be distasteful to meet the on-set version of Mncube as he is rude and unapologetic. His character though notorious brings the drama we all love onto our screens. The million-dollar question still stands. Is he the same in reality? Let’s find out more in Wiseman Mncube Biography (Age, Wife, Fatherhood, Daughter, Net worth, Uzalo).

Wiseman is a father of one. The 30-year-old actor is one of Mzansi’s finest. He has a whooping net worth of R3576062.50. Mncube was born in 1990. He is a graduate of the Durban University of Technology and he holds a National Diploma in Drama.

However, Wiseman Mncube and Ntando Mncube are not the only talented among the Mncube brothers. They have a younger sibling, Omega Mncube, who also appeared in Uzalo as Nkunzi’s son.

Omega Mncube was born and bred in Durban’s Newlands West. He has been involved in Theatre shows such as The Funeral, All Gone, Shintsha Guluva and his biggest performance was an isiZulu Usiza show.


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