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British Embassy in Pretoria to host Royal Wedding garden party

The British Embassy in Pretoria announced on Friday that it would be celebrating the nuptials of Prince Harry and Hollywood actress Meghan Markle by hosting a garden party and live screening of the ceremony.

Speaking to Talk Radio 702, British High Commissioner to South Africa Nigel Casey said it was fitting to host a celebration in South Africa as the marriage was made in Southern Africa.


“Prince Harry spent a year in Lesotho when he was a young man and he also brought Meghan on a romantic getaway to Botswana — which is basically where their romance blossomed,” he said.

“I’d say it’s a marriage made under Southern African skies.”

He said they would try to recreate as much of the atmosphere as possible on Saturday, by hosting a “classic English garden party” designed like the chapel at their offices in Pretoria at 1pm for the live screening on a big screen.



Speaking on traditions for the Royal family Casey said that the reason royal family has survived was because they are an extremely adaptable institution.

“They move with the times and now the young generation are putting their own personal stamp on these events. So tomorrow is going to be a personal Meghan and Harry event with a different feel to previous weddings,” he said.

He said there would likely be less formalities and more inclusion with a more diverse crowd outside and around the event.


He said people were responding well to Markle and she was a good addition to the royal family as she brought star qualities.

Markle’s father was meant to be walking her down the aisle, but had a medical scare which could prevent him from attending her big day. Her mother was seen arriving at Heathrow airport on Thursday and was said to be meeting Queen Elizabeth on Friday.

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