Drama at wedding: Bride acts quickly before slay queen stole her husband – Video

A desperate slay-queen had to be chased away after she took her chance at the groom during a recent wedding. Like a lion teasing its prey, the beauty came in slowly but surely for the kill as she bent over and started wining for the groom.

The bride had to act fast as she would have lost her husband at her own wedding.

Watch the video below…

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Ntando Duma

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For two years, Samuel Mdau (65) and his girlfriend lived happily together. But then, his girlfriend, Disebo Makintlane (43), cheated on him at a local tavern and the new boyfriend didn’t want to let go of her.

Samuel Mdau and Disebo Makintlane

The tavern lover, Sechaba Mokoena, even forced his way into Samuel’s house in Etwatwa, Ekurhuleni and took Disebo away by force. Learn More

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