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The Queen actress Brenda Ngxoli on why ancestors have turned their backs on SA – WATCH

Award-winning actress, director and traditional healer Brenda Ngxoli (40) is worried about the level of drunkenness in the country.

She was speaking in 2017 on Jampas With Zola 7, a show on Massive Metro online radio station and nearly five years later, the video is trending again.

She told Zola: “Ancestors have turned their backs on us because we are always drunk.”

The Queen actress said the country is bound to fail if we are drunk.

“We need to have a spiritual revolution. Our ancestors are angry because we’ve turned out backs on the land and on ourselves. We talk about running the country but from Friday to Sunday we’re all drunk. How can we run the country when we’re always drunk?

“The wealth and economy we’re talking about are in our hands but we tend to point fingers at other people. We shift the blame, we spend our money on alcohol. Running the country starts with you,” she said.

“Majority of us are black and we should be proud of our culture. It is rare to see a white person getting married in Xhosa attire but we tend to wear white dresses and suppress our own culture.

We get into loans and we don’t even know the meaning behind a white wedding. We don’t know what spirits we’re weakening or strengthening when we’re doing that. We don’t even know the meaning of a wedding cake.”

She further said: “It promotes white supremacy. I believe we’re all role models one way or another. We are role models to our younger sisters, children even to us. I honestly don’t think we’ll ever win this system because we’ve sold ourselves. Now we need to remove ourselves from it.”


-daily sun

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