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I’m going to do a BOOB job – Actress Linda Mtoba not happy with how her BOOBS look

Actress Linda Mtoba has opened up about her journey to motherhood and the societal pressures of getting back into shape shortly after having her baby.

The actress welcomed her baby girl in October last year and has been on cloud nine ever since.

However, in an interview with Bona magazine, Linda got candid about how she was expected to quickly return to the way she looked before having a baby.

“I felt that something was wrong with me. I couldn’t understand why my body wasn’t going back to normal … I really had to work hard at accepting myself. It’s not just a physical thing but an emotional one too,” she said.

Linda Mtoba

Linda revealed that since having a baby, she had stretch marks on her legs and more cellulite.

“My breasts are not as high and perky as they used to be. These are all the things I can’t really do much about. No amount of exercising or dieting can take that away because it’s embedded in my skin and body now.

“I’m only going to do a boob job after I’ve had all my kids. In fact, I’m going to do a mommy makeover.”

In July last year, The River actress announced that she and hubby Steven Meyer were going to become parents and expressed how their love would be “personified”.

While on her journey to being a new mother, the actress was open about her pregnancy and all the milestones and challenges she went through.

Linda Mtoba

With the birth of her child, Linda shared on Instagram how happy and in love she is.

“My blessings. I look at them and tears just flood out my eyes because I’m so happy and so in love. My heart gets so full that it overflows and needs an exit point, so tears fall cause my heart contains it all,” she said.

Living under lockdown has given Linda more time at home to spend with her daughter Bean and hubby.

Just last week, however, the actress expressed how she felt strange posting about her happiness during these dark times of racial tension and femicide on the socials.

“I’m feeling very odd about posting on social media when there’s so much going on in the world. I post Bean because she lights up my life and it’s currently full of darkness. It’s a little hard for me to just share a happy picture,” she revealed on Twitter.


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