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Brad Pitt believes Angelina Jolie is turning their kids against him to get back at him

Angelina Jolie is reportedly playing games with her ex-husband Brad Pitt by turning their kids against them, claimed an insider. Recently, it was revealed that the couple’s adopted daughter, Zahara, has ditched the Fight Club alum’s last name and is only using her mother’s surname. Few days later, a post by their adopted son, Pax, that he wrote in 2020 was leaked to the media, in which he penned that Pitt has “made the lives of those closest to me a constant hell.

He also called Pitt “a world class a**hole” and added, “You time and time and again prove yourself to be a terrible and despicable person. You have no consideration or empathy toward your four youngest children who tremble in fear when in your presence,” Pax said.

However, a source told Daily Mail that it’s Jolie’s doing, claiming that she is turning the couple’s kids against him as a way to get back to him amid their ongoing winery battle.

“There is a feeling among their friends that the post is a perfect example of parental alienation – I mean this is a textbook demonstration of parental alienation,” they said. Brad’s team think she has been playing these games for years but they do not want to get drawn into battle with her [sic},” the tipster added.

“There have been years and years of her telling and retelling the same poisonous things about him and the reality is that she has alienated the kids, and the reality is that it is upsetting to Brad. He cares about all of them. It is devastating.

Source: People

In other news – Sonia Mbele reveals her leg broke after an accident

Sonia Mbele reveals breaking her leg during a freak accident at home. The actress and producer told ZiMoja that she can’t walk, hence she will be home till the end of the year.

Sonia Mbele

“I am home for the rest of the year,” Sonia says that she slipped and fell down the stairs, resulting in her breaking her leg. “I am still in pain but I will be fine. Read more