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Bra Neo And Grace’s romantic storyline leaves viewers seating on edge of their seats


Bra Neo And Grace’s romantic storyline getting interesting #Scandal. Almost everyone wants to settle down with that special somebody and live happily ever after.

etv’s sizzling soapie, Scandal! has viewers right at the edge of their seats with the current storyline revolving Bra Neo, Grace, Yvonne and Lerumo.

However, in reality, it is not as simple as that hence there’s a lot that goes with selecting the right life partner as there’s a staggering risk of discovering that your intentions or feelings are not reciprocated.


The writing team are clearly having fun with this storyline and its intricacies are proving to bring about fun nuances regarding Bra Neo and Grace‘s love lives.

This is how these four characters are intertwined

a). Grace doubts her attractiveness and therefore proceeds to ask for a man’s(Bra Neo) opinion on her general looks.

b). Bra Neo is flattered by this innocuous move from Grace and instantly develops feelings for her, thinking that she was trying to make a move on him.

c). Grace is in fact attracted to Lerumo, who is actually Bra Neo’s son

d). Yvonne creates a self-image workshop and recruits Grace as her Guinea Pig but being close to both Grace and Neo, she is of the mind that these two are trying to fix their images so that they can be more attracted to each other but little does she know that Grace has her eyes set for Lerumo and not Bra Neo as she has been led to believe.

This is an interesting storyline and how it eventually plays out is what’s keeping everyone on suspense mode. All we know is Bra Neo will be so heartbroken.

Source: ZAlebs