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Gogo and her 71-year-old boyfriend do it like teenagers in bed

Lindiwe Mgoqi and Dennis Mgcinango

After almost 20 years, the flames of love between gogo Lindiwe Mgoqi (65) and her sweetheart, madala Dennis Mgcinango (71), are burning as brightly as ever.

The couple – who live in one of the new houses in Mau Mau in Nyanga in Cape Town – told the publication they may look old but are very much active between the sheets.

“If you went past at night you may think there are teenagers in the house,” said gogo Lindiwe.

“Since the day we fell for each other our love has always been hot.”

Madala Dennis said: “When I walk around Nyanga people always ask if we are twins.

“I used to explain, but now I just let them think we’re siblings. That’s how close we are to each other.”

Despite being together for a long time, the lovebirds are not married.

“We stay together like lovers,” said gogo Lindiwe.

She said because they both have kids from previous marriages, getting married would have complicated things.

She said there’s less interference from their children and things could work out differently if they got married.

Residents of Mau Mau said the two lovebirds are clear testimony that love exists.

“Sometimes, as young people, we doubt whether love is real especially when we are betrayed,” said resident Mnyamezeli Funjwa (32).

“But when we see the gogo and madala walking on the streets, holding hands, it makes us believe there is love and it depends on who you decide to go with.

These two are soulmates.”

-daily sun

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