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Actress Candice Modiselle defends her sister Bontle’s relationship from social media

Candice and Bontle

Bontle Modiselle and Priddy Ugly are undeniably one of Mzansi’s hottest couple and their adorable baby Afrika makes them the cutest family. However, they too have their fair share of haters who meddle into their marriage.

Her sister Candice Modiselle has had enough of the continued hate and decided to face the trolls head-on.

Speaking about her admiration for her sister Bontle and brother in law’s marriage, she placed them both on high accord. Angered by the disrespect and mockery towards the two, she revealed that the couple is unmoved by the hate and are busy securing their bags as well as raising their daughter.

“Honestly. The most unwarranted disrespect, for sh*ts & giggles. I admire how unmoved they are by the noise. 2 people harmlessly going about their lives, married, in love, collectively securing bags & raising the most gorgeous little girl. I’ll forever stan, 11 years & counting.

“In this home, we celebrate & protect young healthy black love. I can never doubt God’s existence because I’ve seen his love manifest through this family,” she wrote.

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Gogo Khabonina Mkhonza1

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Source: Mbare Times