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Bontehuewel family wants answers after man accused of killing relative now free

Lauren Dryden

A Bonteheuwel family is demanding to know why charges have been dropped against a man accused of killing their loved one.

Lauren Dryden was robbed of her cell phone and killed while she was waiting for an e-hailing cab in Epping in November. The mother of two had just finished a night shift.

The Democratic Alliance has taken up the matter and on Monday said it had written to the police.

The party’s Alexandra Abrahams said they wanted details of how the case was investigated.

“I have written to our acting provincial police commissioner to ask him to investigate the conduct of the investigating officer because, in our Constitution, it states the role and responsibility of the police and security services and also the responsibility of our provinces.”

Dryden’s family is also demanding answers.

Her cousin Charne Dryden said: “We as a community or as a family must use Lauren’s case as a voice to stop this from happening again so that families of innocent people do not go through the same thing.”

Police have not yet responded to an Eyewitness News enquiry on the case, but the National Prosecuting Authority has confirmed the case against Fernando Isaacs was provisionally withdrawn and the docket was returned to the Investigating officer with instructions.

Those instructions include conducting an identity parade and obtaining statements from witnesses.

It further calls for a review of CCTV footage, forensic and ballistic evidence as well as a post-mortem report.

The NPA said the deceased’s family was aware of the process and it planned to re-enrol the case.


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