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Boity Thulo:To me Bonang is my big sister

Boity Thulo and Bonang Matheba

While on the show, Boity opened up about her relationship with media queen Bonang Matheba since the two have been seen together a lot recently. Local rapper Boity appeared on Real Goboza last week where she performed her new single Wuz Dat but also talked about her relationship with Bonang Matheba.

This came after one of the show’s co-hosts, Sam Mangesi asked her how long their friendship has been going on and if it’s always been a thing.

Boity Thulo

She then replied: “I’ve known Bonang since, probably I got into this industry, and she has been a big sister figure for me for the longest of time. And as much as people don’t see our actual friendship out there, you know in terms of when I see her personally, and when we text each other and whatnot she’s one of the most supportive people.”

Bonang Matheba

Boity also says that Bonang is the first one to text or call her when something happens either to jump into a situation or congratulate her.

The ‘Wuz Dat’ rapper then ended it off by saying that they have a “big sister relationship”.


Watch the interview below:

Source: IOL News

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