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Video of Moja Love’s Bishop Isaac Makamu asking for s.e.x from his employee goes viral – Watch

Bishop Isaac Makamu

Moja Love’s Bishop Isaac Makamu is under fire for “asking” for something suspected to be a poke.

People said he asked for s.e.x, but he denied the claim.

A clip of a call recording is circulating where he told a woman he’d just dropped off someone and was coming to her.

He asks if no one will see him when he enters the place, and proceeds to ask if she’s alone.

When the lady confirms she’s alone, he asks: “Otlo mpha?” (will you give me?).

The lady keeps saying no, and Makamu sounds like he’s begging. She ends up saying she will on Sunday.

Makamu proceeds to tell her she’s boring and giggles.

Speaking to the publication, Makamu said the lady was one of his employees and had worked overtime, so she had the office keys. He said that’s all he wanted.

He also tells the publication the clip is from 2018 and he didn’t understand how it got leaked.

“I understand that it sounds wrong, but I was just being playful. It kind of went too far, but I’d never ask for s.e.x from any of my employees or congregation,” he said.

It was edited and now it sounds like I wanted something else from her. It’s been released and I have no idea who did this,” said Makamu.

He said he had nothing to apologize for and was hurt by this because it was tarnishing his image.

“I’d never do such a despicable thing. I love my wife and would never embarrass her by doing what I’m being accused of,” said Makamu.

-daily sun

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