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Bheki Cele says AfriForum’s sanitizers are welcome, but they must use the right procedures

AfriForum's branded bottles of unwanted hand sanitiser

The police minister has further said concurrent reports about a SAPS employee contracting COVID-19 were ‘malicious’.

In a statement on Friday, Police Minister Bheki Cele said the SA Police Service’s rejection of a donation of 5,000 bottles of hand sanitiser from minority rights group AfriForum had occurred only because the donation didn’t go through official channels.

The minister welcomed “the goodwill of some civil society organisations who have extended a hand to the law enforcement agencies, augmenting what management has put in place in terms of hygienic and protective supplies to the members”.

AfriForum had reacted with shock on Thursday evening to news that their donation was refused, and that police in Gauteng who had already accepted the bottles needed to return them.

On the same evening, it was reported that a police station in Pretoria needed to be shut down after a police employee there tested positive for Covid-19.

In a statement, acting spokesperson Brigadier Mathapelo Peters said Cele had acknowledged the challenges that had come with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and the national lockdown.

“One of the biggest challenges across all sectors of society has been the limited supply of the necessary hygienic disposables such as masks and hand gloves, as well as sanitisers that are understandably in high demand worldwide.

“The SAPS, whose members are at the coal face of this pandemic, is also facing this same challenge of shortage of protective and hygienic supplies.

“Minister Cele has commended the efforts by SAPS management to ensure as best as possible that all members on the ground and all police stations are adequately protected and observing the requisite hygienic protocols,” said Peters.

The police said that reports that “the SAPS in Gauteng had refused to accept a donation of hand sanitisers from AfriForum” together with a report on “leaked official and internal correspondence” (about the evacuation of the SAPS office in Arcadia) had been done, Cele believed, “with the malicious intention of blowing things out of proportion”.

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Cele reiterated that, as with all government departments, the SAPS had a responsibility to uphold Treasury regulations and implement the donation policy of the organisation.

“Let me repeat what I said to SAPS management when we were still under a state of disaster: the national crisis we find ourselves in can never be used as justification to flout processes and procedures,” said Cele.

Cele encouraged AfriForum and “any other individual or organisation wishing to assist the SAPS with supplies to engage with the SAPS management at a national level for the necessary exemption in relation to gifts/donations”.

“It is important to clarify that the handing over of the said hand sanitisers by AfriForum to a specific SAPS unit in Gauteng could not be accepted as the donation did not go through the authorised processes as informed by Treasury regulations.

“The offer is welcome as a sign of goodwill and for this the minister will encourage the SAPS management to engage AfriForum to better coordinate this process of handing over and receiving of the donation.”

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Source: The Citizen