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Beware of being duped by Black Friday deals: expert

Black Friday 2020

Shoppers around the country are hunting for the best deals for Black Friday.

Whether in-store or online, consumers are being urged to be beware of being duped.

“If you see 60% off, a lot of times that figure is inflated so you are not getting the bargain that you think you are, so knowing what a bargain is and what it isn’t by doing a bit of research and knowing what the actual prices, which can get a bit tricky because often prices are inflated just before so that they can claim this week that it is a big saving,” said consumer expert, Wendy Knowler.

Black Friday 2020Black Friday

Knowler says the only way to save is not to spend at all.

“If you are going to feel severely deprived then make a small spend but just avoid getting swept up in it and buying it on credit and that’s usually the problem,” she said.

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