Betting Sites in South Africa: What to Choose to Place a Bet

Hi there, a young South-African gambler. If you are a newbie in the field of sports betting and wages, you have reached the right place. However, if you are a proficient bettor, do not hurry to leave, we have something to catch you. Here, we are going to talk about betting in South Africa and share some great betting sites that you can bet on and get many profits. 

Is Sports Betting Legal in South Africa?

Each person, who wanted to join this theme, asked him\herself this kind of question at least once and for good reason. The vast majority of countries prohibit each kind of bookmakers and bets, even sports wages, considering them a law violation. 

Speaking about SA(South Africa) in particular, for now, it is 100 % legal if we mean sports ones. Unfortunately for sportsbooks, it was not always like that. Earlier, SA banned all forms of betting, including these regular kinds of sports like tennis, rugby, and so on. 

Why? This is because of the strictest gambling regulations all over the world. The only exception was horse-racing bets, which were allowed for some unknown reasons. Though, since the 1990s, till now rules were weakened and gave SA punters an opportunity to wager on their favorite sports – from tennis to rugby – without any fear. After all, pay attention to the fact, that betting sites have to gain a license – to supply gambling services to South African bettors.

What Popular Sports to Bet On?

It is commonly known that there is a vast variety of sports that SA inhabitants are crazy about placing bets on. At the same time, there are special ones, which catch their attention by a long shot. Let us have a look at them. 

First things first, rugby. This sport joins people from different generations and preferences, from students to profs. By the way, the Rugby World Cup and the local Currie Cup continue to take the cake of punters on an annual basis. 

The next participant in this top is cricket. It is not as famous as the previous sport, but still has a large number of wages each year. Due to local competitions, the handbook is busy all year round. 

No less important point than the upper is soccer. South Africans all over the country go outside to spend their time playing it. It is not just a simple game, it is expressing themselves and a national pastime. Fans across the country watch both local and international championships giving sportsbooks a place to develop.

Trendiest Ways to Place a Bet

Slowly, but surely, we are moving to the main topic of our article. As a matter of fact, there are not a big number of ways of betting (only two of them), but each is quite simple and usable. I suggest our starting with betting sites, which are wide range all over the Internet (due to this article you will get acquainted with the coolest). Here are some really easy steps, that you need to do if you want to wager:

1) Choose the most trustful bookmaker;

2) Find your sport;

3) Find your league;

4) Find your event

5) Make your selection

6) Enter your stake and confirm

In most cases, betting on such kinds of sites is pretty obvious, so if you have some problems, just find the FAQ section.

The second way is mobile apps for betting. Truly speaking it is not a big difference between sites and apps, but in specific situations, the app will have a set of advantages and will lead your punts to a completely next level. So, here are some of the pros:

  1. convenience, the ability to bet anywhere, anytime;
  2. safety and security, encryption of your personal data, the impossibility of data leak;
  3. the huge diversity of bonuses, various types of betting(live betting and so on).

Top 8 Websites to Bet On in SA

Finally, we dealt with the general point of the article, so you can prepare your notebooks to write down the useful information. Here comes the best of the best sports punting sites:


Pros: Leading betting brand  Betway                                  

         Positive user experience

         A wide number of features

Cons: Unsatisfying customer service

          Limited cash-out offers.


Pros: the abundance of bonuses and promotions    

         Positive user experience  

         Modern website layout

Cons: font on the website is pretty small.




Pros: The most well-known bookie in SA 

         Best diversity of horse racing options

         Loads of unique functions

Cons: Lack of cashout options.


Sporting BetPros: Sportingbet offers some of the best odds in SA

         Comprehensive sportsbook

         Excellent reviews: suitable for beginners

Cons: Lack of features

          Very few deposit methods.


Pros: flawless choice for mobiles 

         Bet Vegas Live Games

         Great features

Cons: Sometimes it can be with bugs

          Poor Customer Support.


Pros: big amount of valuable promo playbets

         A broad variety of betting markets

         Sizeable sportsbook

Cons: The bonus offer is almost unreachable

          Poor website.


Pros: Best Odds and Markets 

         Horse Racing Live Streaming

         Significant bookie

Cons: unattractive website


Pros: plenty of promotions

         Great odds across the sportsbook

Cons: Limited markets for niched sports.

I Hope, you enjoyed the information and found something new. Keep in touch.

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