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The real reason why singer Berita dumped her controversial bigmouth husband, Nota Baloyi

SAMA-award-winning singer and songwriter, Gugulethu Khumalo, popularly known as Berita, left her fans shocked when she revealed early this morning on Twitter that she is no longer married to Nhlamulo “Nota” Baloyi.

She said: “I am no longer married to Nhlamulo ‘Nota’ Baloyi. I left our marital home on Thursday, 13 January 2022. As it stands, we are currently separated.”

This follows after Nota called threw insults at her Mihlali during a podcast episode that has been deleted.

He said: “Imagine… there are some guys who think that Mihlali is attractive and all I think is ngingamuthenga (I could buy her). And they don’t understand that if Mihlali is for sale, that means she’s an object…”

Berita even apologized to Mihlali stating that she doesn’t condone what Nota said about her.

“@mihlalii_n mntase uxolo. I apologize to you. I don’t condone the things said by Nota to you. No woman should ever have to be objectified and ripped apart publicly or privately!” she said

Some tweeps shared that Berita need not to apologize on behalf of Nota as he is an adult.

@Jabu_Macdonald shared: “Also Berita didn’t have to apologize to Mihlali for Nota’s stupidity Berita probably went through shit because of that idiot.”

Berita also stated that her one request is that Nota should get help with his mental health as she has tried her best when she was in his life.

“My one request is that Nhlamulo ‘Nota’ Baloyi needs help with his mental health.

I tried my best whilst in his life. I tried to also plead with his family about this. He is really a good man. Sometimes he means well. He needs help,” she tweeted.

Nota Baloyi told the publication that he can’t confirm the tweets posted on Berita’s timeline, he also shared that his ‘wife’ is in Zimbabwe focusing on a personal matter and also claims that someone who has access to Berita’s account was the one posting.

He said: “I cannot confirm that the tweets written on my wife’s timeline were written by her because my wife is currently in Zimbabwe, and I also suspect that Berita’s former publicist, Eric Gyimah, who has access to Berita’s account is the one tweeting these tweets on her timeline.”

Berita’s former publicist and manager, Eric Gyimah, told the publication that Nota was not being honest and that he didn’t have any access to Berita’s social accounts.

He said: “I 100% percent confirm and verify I do not have any access to Berita’s social accounts and ever since I joined Warner Music during lockdown July 2020 we only maintained a good friendship relationship nothing work-related and haven’t made any PR work for Berita since July 2020.”

He also tweeted under Berita’s post saying: “As her best friend and former manager, being her rock through this time has been the sole purpose that Nota has attacked Warner Music Africa publicly. It has nothing to do with the fact that I work there and have supported her decision to choose herself.”

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