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Video: Taxi maths cause fight, man almost beats up driver

taxi maths causes fight

A local man was caught on camera arguing about not wanting to calculate taxi fare. In the clip the man causes a scene telling the driver he refuses. Twitter users were left laughing out loud at the spectacle.

This brave Mzansi man took the front seat – and refused to count. In a clip uploaded by Chris_Plaatjie to Twitter, the man can be seen absolutely refusing to be the front-seat calculator.

He can be seen causing a whole scene in the taxi, questioning why he should be forced to count for the driver. While himself and the driver have a hilarious face-off, the other passengers laugh out loud at the predicament they found themselves in.

Other passengers however complained that their time was being wasted, telling the unidentified young man to simply get out, a request which the man refused. He then threatened to beat the driver up for trying to intervene.

There seems to be an unspoken rule regarding the front seat and adding up everyone’s taxi fare. While the taxi drivers and their passengers never actually discussed it, the person who sits in the front seat does the calculations.

While the calculations are often simple, there seems to be a lingering pressure on the counter, this could be accredited to the fact that the person just isn’t friends with maths, or knowing that even an R1 missing can result in the taxi being stopped.

Either way, most people avoid sitting there.

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