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BBNaija: Game over for Eric and Tochi, plus Ebuka shakes tables

BB Naija

The drama continues in Big Brother Naija Lockdown, live-streaming on Showmax. The fights, the relationships and love triangles are even hotter!

The Sunday Live Eviction show on #BBNaija5, which was live streamed on Showmax, came with its usual tension and tears as Eric and Tochi got the hammer. Ebuka also shook tables with his question and answer session even as he advised the housemates on playing the game.

Here is what went down.

The first round of table shaking
Ebuka, with his Master’s degree in table shaking, grilled a few of the housemates on their relationships, setting social media on fire in the process.



He started by congratulating Ozo on his victories during the week – winning the Head of House game, the housemates winning the wager under his tenure, celebrating his birthday and winning the Betway Friday Night Arena games. Ozo was the first male Head of House for the season and he did wonders, according to fans.

Ebuka asked about the fight between Ozo and Prince and wanted to know if Ozo lost his cool because of what Prince did or because of underlying tensions over Nengi. Ozo explained that it was not because of Nengi but because Prince disrespected the house by walking out during rehearsals.

Ebuka went on to ask Dorathy about the dynamics of her relationship with Ozo. Is she being protective of him as a friend or if there is some jealousy going on? He also made reference to Dora telling Lucy that she had feelings for Ozo. She denied ever saying that and denied having feelings for Ozo. Ebuka then asked Brighto if he believed Dorathy and he said he did not, adding that there was a love triangle between Dorathy, Ozo and Nengi.

Ebuka moved on to Nengi and talked about people’s belief that she is leading the men on, mostly Ozo. She said no and that she and Ozo were good friends. Ebuka asked if she had told Ozo about her boyfriend outside and she confirmed that she had.

How the eviction went down
Viewers voted to save their favourite housemates and the four with the least votes were up for eviction.

Ebuka, with his usual suspense and dramatic pauses, called the four housemates up for eviction: Eric, Kaisha, Tochi and Trikytee. This was received with anxiety and shock as the housemates had to save two people this week again.

Ebuka the announced that the housemates were to save at least one person and handed them over to Big Brother to begin the diary session in which they would cast their votes.

Before the voting, Kiddwaya was penalised for whispering to Erica after they were warned not to talk to each other. Biggie promised to punish him on Monday.

The verdict: Eric and Tochi are out
After the voting rounds, Ebuka announced the third evictee for the season: Eric. With tears and hugs, the housemates bade him goodbye.

Just when the other three housemates thought they were saved, Ebuka announced the fourth evictee of the season to be Tochi, who received the news with great disappointment. The evicted housemates were given ten seconds to leave the house.

Post eviction interview
The evicted housemates joined Ebuka on stage for an interview, starting with Eric. Asked how he felt, he said he felt good, even though he was evicted just three weeks into the show. Eric explained that being on a platform like Big Brother was already a win for him, and he could not wait to step out and grab the opportunities awaiting him. Ebuka asked if he was disappointed with the housemates for voting him out and he said no, it’s just a game.

After watching his highlights in the house, he admitted that Lilo was a distraction. When Ebuka asked if he still had feelings for her, he said he could not wait to reconnect with her. He knows about her boyfriend outside the house and he will still go on with her if she was ready. Eric also added that he would focus on his fitness and modelling career.

Tochi in his interview was surprised he got evicted because he did not expect to leave so early. He also admitted to being disappointed that the housemates voted him out and expected some to save him. After viewing his highlights, Ebuka asked who he connected with in the house, both male and female and he mentioned Kiddwaya and Brighto, and for the girls, Nengi.

Ebuka mischievously asked if he also wanted to go for Nengi and he admitted he did, but there was too much competition. He expressed his desire to go into acting, promotions and properties too.

The second round of table shaking
Just when we thought Ebuka was done shaking tables, he brought more heat. He questioned Erica on her triangle with Kiddwaya and Laycon, to which she replied that they were all friends, adding that Laycon had requested for space, which she plans to give him. Ebuka asked who Kidd was to her if Laycon was her friend and she responded that he was her “special friend”.

Ebuka moved on to Kiddwaya, making reference to a time he gave lessons to a housemate on how to be a flirt. He asked Kiddwaya if he was flirting with Erica or he had feelings for her. He said he was not sure but he knows he enjoys her company and vibe. He also added that he could not change himself for people and if people say he is a flirt then that is what he is.

Laycon was the next on the table. Ebuka asked him what he thought about the circle and he said he did not know what Erica was doing but he requested space to clear his head.

Wathoni was not spared as Ebuka asked if she felt the reconciliation between herself, Vee and Tolani Baj at the party was genuine. She said she did and she told Tolani Baj that she likes her more, as she bears the same name as her best friend. Ebuka asked her if she was surprised at the relationship between Prince and Tolani Baj and asked if she felt it was real. She said she was not surprised because Tolani likes him, but was not sure if Prince liked her back. She added that she knew Prince liked Nengi and was expecting Prince and Nengi to get together due to their closeness.

Advice to the housemates
After all was said and done, Ebuka commended the housemates for always looking out for each other. He also mentioned some of the housemates staying in the shadows the past week and advised them to stay consistent, sharp and keep playing the game.

He ended with the pidgin English quote: “Snake wey no get poison; they go use am tie firewood.”