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Nota slams Sol Phenduka for backstabbing MacG

South African radio personality, Sol Phenduka, from Podcast And Chill has bagged himself a new radio gig with Kaya FM. He is joined by Dineo Ranaka and together they are looking to take over the radio industry. But, Sol’s new gig was met with mixed emotions from people who are calling him a sellout for choosing radio, given MacG‘s beef with mainstream media.

Nota came at Sol Phenduka guns blazing for apparently accepting a radio gig, when he and MacG carried the podcast game which continues to give radio a run for their monies.

If you may recall, MacG once fired shots at the people who work in radio, for trying to damage his reputation so they can see the podcast fail. He lashed out at radio top dogs for paying influencers to bash the podcast so they could lose sponsors and run out of money and everything else that keeps the podcast intact.

With Sol moving on to the very same radio industry that his friend and co-host claims was out to destroy them, this triggered a handful of people and they bashed Sol for taking this decision.

Nota did not bite his tongue when he called Sol out for apparently “selling out” MacG and choosing to go mainstream.

“Always knew Sol Phendukaa was a sell-out… I warned MacG that he’ll entertain radio offers & soon he’ll choose between us chillers that saved his broadcasting career & the corporations that want to kill the podcast platform. Stupid choice.”

He even accused Sol of trying to sabotage the podcast by making them lose one of their sponsors, Old Mutual.

“Let’s not forget that it was Sol who caused Old Mutual to throw the Podcast under the bus. The man cost the podcast millions in advertising, but MacG was too loyal to Sol to see that the man was just using Podcast & Chill to get himself back on radio. Well done you fooled us all!” he exclaimed.

Nota then said Sol is stupid for ditching the podcast just to secure a salary at Kaya 959.

“He might as well. He’s captured by DSTV & Kaya FM… The man is a foolish for choosing a salary over owning his time but he failed to run the merchandise business so it was always doomed from the start. You can’t build a business with a loser. He just signed a deal with the devil!

Here are some of the many tweets from Nota.

Sol Phenduka responded to Nota after he invited him to his Twitter space to which he refused to tune into and say his peace. Sol went on Musa Khawula’s Twitter Space instead and set the record straight.


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