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Babes Wodumo in a nasty bust up: Video

Babes Wodumo

Babes Wodumo in a nasty bust up: Video. The singer and her friends can be heard cursing out the woman after she told them to “shhh.”  Babes then tell the woman: “Who are you to telling to shhh… Why are you saying shhh… Are we chickens?”

In a recent Instagram live video, Babes Wodumo is seen walking through the airport with some of her peers and then a sudden argument erupts between her, her friends and a white woman seen pushing luggage.

Babes WodumoThe video looked really confrontational and it seems like the Wololo hitmaker and her friends were ready to engage in a physical fight with the woman.

Please be warned that this video contains strong language.


The woman really rubbed Babes the wrong way, but we’re thankful that a fight didn’t break out. Now that would have really turned ugly.

Oh, speaking of Babes and fighting, remember when she told the rest of Mzansi that she can really whip some ass?


Source: ZAlebs


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