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Automobile Association calls for more traffic officers

The AA (Automobile Association) has called for more traffic officers to be deployed and harsher punishments for those who broke the laws of the road.

Provincial traffic officials held numerous roadblocks over the festive season and thousands of cars were checked.

However, AA spokesperson Layton Beard said there still needed to be more traffic officers on the ground and better prosecution for those who broke the law.

He said despite the alcohol ban, fatalities only reduced by 5%, so driver behaviour needed to be looked at.

There were 197 roadblocks during which 21 471 vehicles were stopped and checked.

“A total of 706 speeding offences were recorded and 4 724 fines were issued for various traffic violations ranging from driver to vehicle fitness in the total amount of R4 636 400. Thirteen vehicles were impounded and 88 were discontinued for unroadworthiness,“ provincial traffic said in a statement.

The highest speeds recorded were 171km/h in a 120km/h zone, 141km/h in a 100km/h zone, 135km/h in a 80km/h zone and 79km/h in a 60km/h zone.

A total of 130 charges were laid under the Disaster Management Act and fines valued R239 000 were issued for offences ranging from failure to adhere to the curfew to public transport drivers on trips of more than 200km exceeding the maximum vehicle carrying capacity of 70%.

“A total of 13 crashes occurred in the reporting period and 24 fatalities – five drivers, 13 passengers and six pedestrians.“

Mayco member for safety and security JP Smith said as a result of regulations, there was a marked drop in the number of motorists arrested for drunk driving. The City’s Traffic Service recorded 60 such arrests, compared to numbers seen in previous years which have ranged between 200 and 300.

The Metro Police Department made 16 arrests for driving under the influence, compared to 78 the previous festive season.

-Weekend Argus

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