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Its not over between me and Authur Mafokate – Cici Twala

It’s not over between us – In recent times, the news of the deaths of student Uyinene Mrwetyana, SA boxing champ Leighandre Jegels and several others brutally killed by men have left SA shell shocked, to some people such as Cici; it has brought back sad memories.

Is this the society we would envy? Some have been left asking.
For Cici such disturbing news takes a toll, she knows how it feels like to be alone, terrified and violated, more so by someone whom you were once in love with.

It sounds like a betrayal of all times lover turning into an abuser. And the battle for justice is on, Cici has been saying of late.

For two years, she’s been in and out of court, as she sought justice against her ex who allegedly pulled her down the road while behind the wheel of his car.

Recently, Arthur Mafokate was acquitted on the assault charges she leveled against him – but Cici, real name Busisiwe Twala, is not done with him yet. The R&B singer’s fight is still on, now is planning to sue Arthur.

“I don’t want to sound like a bitter ex, I just want justice,” Cici told DRUM magazine.

In passing the acquittal ruling, the Midrand magistrate’s court cleared Mafokate of the alleged wrongdoing, based on the reasoning that Cici was the one holding on to the car.

“I lost the criminal case because of technicalities, not because I lied,” she said.

She went further to say, she had submitted the court case improperly, and would be correcting that mistake.

“When you submit a case like mine you need to submit it with the proper categories such as assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm, attempted murder, recklessness, and negligence. Because he says he didn’t see me when he dragged me, I submitted my details incorrectly,” she said.

Arthur Mafokate

She sees prospects for success despite losing the ‘first leg’ of the criminal case on technical grounds.

“I’m nowhere near being relieved’ but the battle has just begun. This is not over.

“I fought toe to toe with someone who didn’t believe I could withstand the fight. Now I’ve opened two cases – for 999 [Music, Arthur’s record label] to be liquidated and I’ve also opened a civil case due to loss of income and injury,” Cici (32) said.

She declined to discuss the lawsuits any further, but indicated she’s more than ready to square off with Arthur in court.

“I don’t hate him, but I don’t need him to be part of who I am now.

“He was a chapter in my life and he opened doors for my career.

He gave me a break when no one else did. I will be eternally grateful for that. But I feel the justice system has failed me as a woman – like it failed women like Uyinene.

“I never intended for it to be this messy,” she continued. “To some people I look like a bitter ex, always mentioning him in every interview, but I know there is someone going through what I went through and they need healing. I’m not the least bit apologetic about standing up for myself and other abused women.”

Cici is opening a new chapter in her life getting it back on the rails again.

“As much as I’m disappointed, akusafani (things aren’t the same). You know, I once even though of committing suicide. All I did was love him. But counselling and my faith carried me through,” Cici said adding that there were times she regretted laying the charges;

“I still feel sorry for him and I hate that about myself. I mostly feel for his children. If things don’t go his way I know it will impact everyone in his life. But I’m merely a woman seeking justice and I’m not backing down.”

She believes had Arthur taken responsibility for his alleged actions, things would have been different. And she doesn’t regret speaking out about the abuse she allegedly suffered at the kwaito star’s hands, despite it knocking her reputation.

“A lot of people judged me and said I was doing it for publicity,” she said. “But I had to choose myself over him. I wasn’t willing to lower my standards for love. I wasn’t okay being made to feel not good enough.”

She said it was not easy to walk out of the ‘abusive’ relationship.

“My greatest fear was starting over. I was worried about who would pay my rent, who would assist with the bills.

“I panicked. But even if I stood in a queue at a singing competition, I was not going to be silenced,” she vowed.

Earlier this year Cici released her song Uhlalu’kwenza under her new record label, in which she poured her heart out about a man who pulled her hair and pushed her to the ground until she is choked.

“God had a plan for me. I’ve even gained a bit of weight around the booty area, which I like,” she added.

Cici spent 11 days in the hospital and underwent a pelvic replacement operation. She still has screws holding her pelvis together but, her doctor allowed her to the gym again.

She was even worried if she would be able to conceive, but her doctor told her she’d be able to.

“But I might not be able to carry the child full term. I just need to stay fit and go for regular checks,” Cici said.

Cici, is grateful for the support of her pastor mom, Thandi Thwala (60), and sisters, Sithembile (43), Sana (39) and Phindile (36).

“Sana took an entire month off work to take care of me. We prayed and she would help me eat and take meds,” she said. “And the ladies I work with at Ambitiouz [Entertainment] were on call 24/7 to make sure I was okay.”

What she wishes for is for women to know they deserve to be happy. Her latest single, Inyanga, is all about love. “The song speaks about how I’m yearning to see the love of my life and for him to come back home,” said Cici, who is not in a hurry to date.

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