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DA blames government for spate of attacks on migrants

The Democratic Alliance on Wednesday said migrants were used as scapegoats and were blamed for South Africa’s high unemployment rate.

The party gave its position on migration and xenophobia in the country, saying that the government made migrants out to be feared and not viewed as contributing members of society who help with job creation.

The DA said private vigilante groups took the fight to the wrong people instead of taking it to home affairs.

The party called for the government not to blame migrant workers for the high unemployment rate and said that mismanagement and corruption should be blamed.

The party’s address on migration and xenophobia followed the recent violence that broke out in Alexandra when residents under the banner of the Dubula Movement attacked migrant shop owners, accusing them of taking job opportunities meant for South Africans.

The party’s Michael Cardo said: “We must remember that foreign nationals often help to oil the wheels of our economy. They pay rents and taxes, they transfer skills and they purchase goods and services, which contributes to South Africa’s revenue base.”

Cardo said attacks on migrants would impact on the country negatively.


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