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More pictures of SAPS new H0TTIE! Sanel Berry


More pictures of SAPS new H0TTIE! Sanel Berry. The SAPS officer is not stopping, and we think she is here to conquer. She has posted new pictures again on her Instagram account and h my, you don’t wanna miss them. She is on point and l tell you if she keeps up like this she is going to shut down the internet.

We first discovered that SAPS can unleash beautiful faces when we discovered  Demi Preston. She showed us that you can be a beauty queen and also serve your country. This is what Sanel Berry is doing too. We hope that the so-called slay queens out there can learn a lesson from these beautiful Mzansi patriots.Here are her latest posts…

Sanel Berry

Mrs officer🔥🔥🔥you are the queen of SAPS, they should make you their representative❤❤

Sanel Berry

Please come arrest me for no reason…

Sanel Berry

Great smile,beautiful dimple……

Sanel Berry

Just arrest us we are your criminals…lol

Sanel Berry

Jealous down you are fire yooooh…

Sanel Berry

Nice lips…so pretty

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Source: Instagram/News365coza