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Moshe Ndiki & Phelo Bala’s anniversary love messages to each other are just so sweet

Phelo Bala and Moshe remain #LoveGoals and had us breathing through the wound this week when they celebrated their first anniversary. The couple, who got engaged in September last year, have had their fair share of ups and downs but paid tribute to each other on social media.

Moshe Ndiki & Phelo Bala

Posting a cute snap of the couple together, Phelo said they had stuck by each other through the tough times and that he wouldn’t have chosen anyone else to walk the journey with.

“Here’s to our first year anniversary of being together (without the ons and off’s throughout the past six years). It has been quite a journey. We stuck it through. This is a pretty special day for me because you’re my first ever one year anniversary! It could have only been with you! That’s why I’m still with you and I chose you!”

Moshe Ndiki & Phelo Bala

Phelo thanked his bae for “never giving up” on them and said he was looking forward to growing old together.

“You’ve always been so patient with me and never given up on us. I love you so much, Mumu! My Bunny! We actually are growing older together!”

Moshe surprised Phelo with a special lunch complete with balloons and flowers.

Moshe Ndiki & Phelo Bala

In a cute love letter, Moshe gushed over his “biggest teacher” and said he felt loved.

“Happy One Year Anniversary to my biggest teacher. Not sure of a lot of things in life but I know that I’m loved fully, without reservations by you. 365 days later (minus ubana) and here we are. I love you,” he wrote.

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