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Andile Mpisane doubtful look after kissing wife Tamia has Mzansi talking – Video

Andile Mpisane posted a short video on his Instagram where he kissed his wife, Tamia. Just a split second after the Gucci kiss, Andile’s face looked very underwhelmed. His facial expression was doubtful as the couple are newlyweds; typically, a newly wedded couple should beam with excitement when they see one another. When they kiss, it should look magical with smiles and creases on their eyes.

The video was captioned, “Love life is Gucci,” which arguably meant that they’re flourishing in their marriage as Gucci is a luxury brand that’s very pricey.

The video in question could have been for the sole purpose of content creation for social media, it looked very scripted. Andile and Tamia kissed and started walking towards their car; Andile started speaking about their matching Gucci attires and acknowledged his wife by calling her, Mrs AM.

A Twitter user with the handle @Oratile shared a screenshot of Andile’s underwhelmed face after the kiss and captioned it, “When it’s just not her.” Captioning the image insinuated that the chemistry between the wedded couple did not match that of DJ Sithelo and Andile. Insinuations like this that pop up every now and then fuel the rumours. They fuel speculations that Andile’s marriage is an arranged marriage facilitated by his mother.

Andile has a very awkward smile on his wedding pictures, his smile looked a tad forced and slightly pretentious. As a person who’s usually dressed to kill, his suit was pretty basic and not his right fit. Social media users also sighted that he looked tense and very uncomfortable.

Despite the many rumours, speculations and communal disapproval of the marriage between the Royal AM chairperson and model Tamia, the couple is always together, travelling and laughing. The two have written each other beautiful messages and published them online. Andile has also expressed on numerous occasions that he’s madly in love with Tamia and that their marriage will be eternal.


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