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Few changes predicted in the wake of ANC’s January 8 statement

As South Africans grow more desperate for reforms and action on decades-old challenges, the tone set for this year’s pursuits by the government suggest there is little change on the horizon.

Last weekend, ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa delivered the party’s National Executive Committee’s January 8 statement that will find expression through government policy.

Much of what he outlined as priorities for the ANC this year was either in response to recent events or regurgitation of old commitments and plans.

Since his first January 8 statement in 2018, Ramaphosa has made a case for the need for building a capable developmental state.

This quest, which public policy analysts agree is at the core of any transformation at all spheres of government, featured once again as reports on the state of governance continued to paint a bleak picture.

A social compact mantra that Ramaphosa has been emphasizing since he assumed office also made a return.

This cooperation between business, government and labour, the ANC believes, must be worked on to accelerate economic recovery and reconstruction to ensure the provision of social services to all citizens.

The January 8 statement had gone through several consultations with Ramaphosa telling delegates at the gathering that over a dozen drafts were reviewed in the process.


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