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Amazon to launch first-ever clothing shop with interactive fitting rooms

Amazon to launch first-ever clothing shop with interactive fitting rooms. According to the company’s official website, Amazon Style’s physical store will feature men and women’s clothing, shoes as well as accessories where customers can decide on their favourite items in the fitting rooms that will be designed to become a “personalized space”.

Tech giant Amazon plans to launch its first-ever futuristic clothing shop later this year where algorithms from its interactive fitting rooms will suggest clothes you should try on.

How it works
While browsing in store, shoppers simply scan an item’s QR code using the Amazon Shopping app, which will then give the user various options from colour to size they’d like to try on.

Once the information has been entered, shoppers will enter a “virtual queue” while their personalised fitting room is prepared. The app will notify the customer on which fitting room is ready, which they will unlock using their smartphones where all the items will be ready to try on.

Each fitting room will have a touchscreen to allow shoppers to request more items and staff will deliver them to the closet. During this time, Amazon’s machine learning algorithms will continually refine to match a customer’s style preference so the next time a shopper visits, the algorithm will suggest items to try on based on your style.

“Amazon Style combines Amazon’s love of fashion with innovative technology to help customers find looks they’ll love,” the company said on its website. “Amazon Style offers more selection than a traditional store of its size without requiring customers to sift through racks to find the right colour, size, and fit,” it said.

Amazon added that the use of technology, it will bring more looks and less clutter to in-store shopping, while at the same time, allow customers to continue shopping from their fitting rooms without having to leave them.

Source – IOL News

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