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Actress Amanda du-Pont to open criminal cases for Jub Jub and MacG

Two days ago, Amanda du-Pont’s lawyer publically confirmed that the actress would be laying a charge of rape against the rapper and presenter Moremi ‘Jub Jub’ Marrohanye and a civil case against MacG for defamation of character.

Amanda’s lawyer Tony Mathe was interviewed on SABC 2’s news when he assured the public that Amanda is very eager and ready to take Moremi to court. According to Tony Mathe, Amanda is happy to be going this route and finally fight for her rights as an abuse victim. The time and date when Amanda goes to the police station to open the criminal can not be disclosed just yet because they want to present a watertight to the court that cannot be thrown out because of probable reasons like insubstantial evidence. He also added that the main charge they want to present forward is rape, the prosecutor, however, might find other crimes Jub Jub is eligible to be charged with.

After Amanda’s video, two more women shared stories similar to Amanda regarding being raped by the star. Still, now it seems a third woman has also come forward with the same allegations. The lawyer did not reveal the identity of the fourth woman. Tony Mathe hasn’t confirmed whether he will represent all four women combined, but he made it clear that he would be meeting them all and is willing to assist all four women.

Amanda du-Pont’s legal team sent a letter to MacG’s legal team because of MacG’s laugher, which made the triggering word ‘smashed’ sound worse to the actress’s ears. MacG is also being accused of degrading and belittling Amanda du-Pond as a woman during the controversial interview. The fact that MacG did not issue out an apology of a sort to the actress made matters worse after his platform triggered her alleged past traumas of being a gender-based violence survivor.


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