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Singer Amanda Black Disappointed With King Misuzulu

Singer Amanda Black took to social media to criticise the Zulu King. In her post, she said she was disappointed that King Misuzulu kaZwelithini did not address the issue of the Phoenix massacre in Durban.

“Heart-breaking that the Zulu King didn’t address the fact that innocent black people are being killed in KZN, for being black. His own people. It really be us against everybody, including ourselves #PhoenixMassacre,” she wrote.

But her followers did not agree as they felt she was not being honest in her criticism.

They were quick to point out that she must first call out the looters.

“It’s funny how people condemn the killings, not the looting,” said one user.

But she defended herself and wrote: “For your information, I completely condemn the looting – people waking up without jobs and many dying in stampedes. Food is depleted in most areas affected. People are hungry and the ANC is using their desperation to fight factional wars. We are not stupid.”

Her explanation fell on deaf ears as her followers felt that she was inciting racial war.

Koketso wrote: “Please be careful not to incite racial war. We are all emotional right now. But we have the power to influence the outcome into something positive.”

Another user Zinase wrote: “Amanda, what truth have you spoken since the eruption of this strike? Nifuna nize nikhokhelwe ukuthi enzani iculo lokukhuza lomhlola (you want to be paid for a song to rebuke this shocking situation). What role have you played so far?”

But the singer did not fold, writing: “I agree with you Koketso. We need to try and be positive. But we also need to speak the truth as they try and demonise the black person to black people. We are not criminals.”


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