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Amanda Black: 2019 was my toughest year > Video

Amanda Black

Amanda Black: 2019 was my toughest year. The Amazulu hit-maker recently took to her Instagram to not only let fans know how difficult 2018 was for her but also to inspire them to find it within themselves to pick up the pieces in their own lives.

Local songstress, Amanda Black is beginning to open up about her life and some of the things she has been through. “I just wanted to let you in a little bit…2018 was one of the toughest years of my life, almost thought I wouldn’t make it,” she began.

“But I had to make it, and I am here today, I am still standing. I just wanted to let you know [that] you will make it through. It won’t get any easier but you find a way to manage and get through,” she told her endearing fans.

Amanda Black

The 25-year-old singer and songwriter from the Eastern Cape recently released her already much-loved first single of 2019, Thandwa Ndim. The song deals with gender-based violence and the kind of havoc it can wreak on one’s sense of worth.

In the song, Amanda poses the question: “Who will love me if I leave him?”

“Thandwa Ndim is dedicated to the women that are there and those that have survived. It’s about self-love. Find strength sis, only you can save yourself. Dig deep. You are worthy, you are worth it, you are loved, you are beautiful,” she told fans in a Twitter thread.

She went on to say that the song has already inspired many women to open up to her about their own experiences of gender-based violence. “My message to those who have survived, may you find ultimate peace and healing. Don’t rush your healing, Take your time. If you are reading this and this is your story. You will find peace,” she said.

Amanda says that she has wanted to make a song like Thandwa Ndim and share the message with women around the country for a long time now.

“My spirit burned as I so desperately wanted to share these words. Uzothandwa Ndim (You will be loved by me). 2 words. Just these 2 words. I am going to make sure that these very words reach as many women as possible. I will find you. These words will find you,” she said.

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