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Amanda Black speaks on her record label battle

The ‘Amazulu’ singer appeared on Metro FM on Tuesday and said that she is looking for a new record label after leaving  Ambitiouz Entertainment in June and that she currently in a dispute with them.

She further stated that the whole experience has been very draining for her and that she would go home to the Eastern Cape regularly to clear her head.

Local singer Amanda Black has been in a rigorous battle with her former record label Ambitiouz Entertainment and found herself escaping home.

Amanda Black

“I go home. It is hard to think in the city. It is very hard to have clear thoughts and make the right decisions. It gets very confusing. When it goes really really tough and I don’t know what to do, I go home.”

The former ‘Idols SA’ contestant also said that while she doesn’t know how this fight will end that she just wants to make music and sing.

Amanda Black

“I just want to continue with my career. I just want to sing that is it. Whatever happens now, I want to come out being able to sing my songs. I want to be able to record and release new music. I want to share what I have.”

Source: IOL News

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