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Enhle Mbali breathes fire – speaks out after being allegedly beaten up by Black Coffee

Enhle Mbali has taken to Twitter to lend her voice to the ongoing issue of gender-based violence which has become rampant in our country. The actress bashes abusers saying femicide is not normal.

The actress who is also a victim of domestic violence, encouraged women to not normalize abuse from their male partners or men in general. “Woman are killed on a daily in the hands of men. We just continue as if it is normal. ABUSE IS NOT NORMAL!!.”

In another post, Enhle says “Men will pay their way through, atrocities. And the victims of any kind of abuse victimized!! THIS MUST STOP!!!

The Isibaya thespian recently became the centre of attention after she revealed that her ex-husband Black Coffee abused her at her recent birthday celebration. The actress turned 33 on March 3 and celebrated this yearly milestone with an all-white affair attended by close friends. It was on that day when her ex-husband allegedly gatecrashed the party which was held at their former marital home and physically assaulted her, in full view of everyone else.

According to a local publication, the actress has now filed for a protection order following the incident. In her statement as quoted by the publication Mbali says: “Two incidents happened this weekend, Friday and Sunday. On the 5th of March he drove into our home and asked to have a conversation that I agreed to. He was polite until we were alone.

Nathi asked me why I was throwing a dinner without his permission. I then asked why I needed his permission, and he said because it’s his house. I then told him it’s our home and am puzzled, he then threatened to call the cops to shut it down. He was at this point shouting…and the guests that had already arrived where watching.”

She has not addressed this on social media but retweeted a few tweets bashing her ex-husband, and some say he is ‘trash’. One of the tweets she retweeted read, “He used to call that house “Mbali’s house” he said she saw an empty plot encouraged them to buy it and build it to what it is now…it’s her home too& his narcissist ass can’t stand the fact that Enhle is flourishing without him, he is trash.

“He is a narcissist what irritates him is that Enhle is flourishing and happy…that disturbs his tainted soul…I BELIEVE YOU ENHLE stay away from that trash and apply for protection order for life even keep those boys away from him.”


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