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AKA defends Yanga against copycat claims


Rapper AKA has come out to defend his friend Yanga from claims that he copied a hook off his track 200 from an upcoming artist. The trouble started when musician AB Fresh took to Twitter over the weekend to claim the “Hayi Lanto” hook on Yanga’s 200 was similar to the one on his track Haiman, released in April.


The muso acknowledged he had been inspired by Anatii, who had a similar hook, but said his issue was that he had told Yanga about the hook for ages and was blue ticked.


I’m really not gonna deny the fact that Anatii really inspired me on the song in so many ways, but my problem is I been tagging Yanga in my performances on Instagram & stories and mailing him links since I dropped it. Y’all would also have questions, haibo??”

Attempts by TshisaLIVE to get comment from Yanga and AB Fresh on the claims were unsuccessful at the time of publishing this article.

Taking to Twitter, the star posted screenshots of his email inbox showing he had not opened the mails sent to him. He also shared a screenshot of him using the phrase in the hook in emails long before AB Fresh’s song was released. He later claimed he had spoken to AB Fresh and the matter had been resolved.

AKA, who is a good friend of Yanga, caught wind of the claims and took to Twitter to defend his friend.

“What’s going on here? Ayyy, people like starting nonsense. Leave my friend alone please,” he wrote.

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