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Wife cheating with tokoloshe


“Leave my tokoloshe alone!” These were the words of 36-year-old Ntombi Masuku from Carletonville, Gauteng. She said she had been married to her husband for three years and he couldn’t satisfy her s-e-xually.

“My husband lasts for two minutes and he’s done. That has been happening for a year,” she said. Ntombi said about four months ago, a tokoloshe started visiting and poking her.

“When it comes my husband falls into a deep sleep. It wears only underpants and crawls into my bed before pleasuring me.”

Ntombi said the creature poked her for almost an hour, and when it was done it kissed her goodnight before leaving. She said when she came clean to her husband, he visited a sangoma to get rid of the tokoloshe.

“I’m lucky none of the sangomas have been able to chase away the tokoloshe,” she said. She said she was afraid one day a powerful sangoma would chase her little man away.

Her husband said he was aware their s-e-x life wasn’t good.

“But I’m not happy about my wife sleeping with a tokoloshe. I want it out of our lives,” he said. The husband said he’d work on his s-e-xual problems so he could make his wife happy.

Sangoma Jabulani Mthimkhulu said the tokoloshe situation was nothing to celebrate.

“It may be nice for now, but the consequences might be bad. She needs to get rid of it,” he said.

Source: Daily Sun

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