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AfriForum must go back and read report: Mbalula

Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula says the controversial R680,000 he received from Sedgars Sports for his 2016 Dubai trip while he was minister of sports was a loan which he repaid.

Mbalula was responding to AfriForum, which filed complaints of money laundering and fraud against him in Pretoria on Tuesday. I’ve never been sponsored by Sedgars. It is a short-term loan that I entered into which the Public Protector had his own views. He said it’s not a loan, it’s a gentleman’s agreement, which I then paid back,” said Mbalula.

Fikile and Nozuko Mbalula


“So there is no public funds that have been embezzled, that I’ve stolen from Sedgars. And that was done above board, money was transferred to the travel agent, which was confirmed through me. So there is no concealment of anything of that particular sort.”

“And the Afriforum, for them to suggest that the Public Protector report and remedial actions said I must actually be charged by the NPA for money laundering and corruption, go to that report and read it hundred times thoroughly. It doesn’t say I have laundered money…” he said.

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