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Asanda Foji wants South Africans to check themselves

Asanda Foji

Since launching her YouTube channel, former Generations: The Legacy actress Asanda Foji has been hella candid about trending topics in SA. Her recent video touched on the topic of xenophobia and contained some really strong words for South Africans.

Asanda Foji

Asanda joined several celebs by speaking out against the recent violence.
During apartheid our forefathers and ancestors ran to exile and went to countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, and Somalia. They were taken in by the very same people that you are killing.” Asanda explained that she doesn’t understand the brutal killings.

Asanda Foji

“I don’t know who started it, it is complete nonsense,” she said, losing her temper. She explained that South African artists were accepted when they performed in countries such as Nigeria and were making money there. She said it was wrong then that foreigners in South Africa were treated differently.

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“It is wrong. They’re people just like you. You don’t have a right to kill anyone’s child. South Africans sitting there, it is not your place to kill someone’s child.” Asanda urged citizens to not be involved in such brutal activities and rather aim to make a change in the country.

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Hulisani Ravele

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