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Lockdown may be best method to quit smoking – advocacy group

A group of Gauteng liquor dealers is preparing for court action to try and relax the conditions around alcohol sales under the national lockdown.

Currently, there is a blanket ban on the sale of liquor during the lockdown period.

Two of South Africa’s major legal vices are unavailable right now – the second being cigarettes – with no cigarettes allowed to be sold for the duration either.

The Tobacco, Alcohol and Gambling Advocacy Action Group’s Peter Ucko said on Monday that this might be a blessing in disguise for many smokers.

“Around the world it’s been promoted as Q&Q – quit in quarantine – and seen as an opportunity because cold turkey is by and large he best way to quit smoking. Of course, there is a little bit of drama, there is a little bit of trauma.”

Ucko has this advice for smokers who’re in withdrawal.

“There are those agonising withdrawal symptoms where you feel ‘I want a cigarette, I’ve got to smoke’. But those feelings pass, they come back again but they pass again. The best way to kill the craving is to starve it to death, so here we have the best method of quitting smoking cold turkey being forced on everyone.”

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Source: EWN

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