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Big advantages of women with big Beans (cl!t)

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Whose 4-5 is bigger? This pen!s size comparison among men has been going on since the caveman days.

But did you know that the size debate also extends to women in the form of their cl!torises? Yes, the ‘bean’.

Because most people envisage the bean to be a perky, cute ornament on a woman’s v@gina, some have been shocked to encounter beans that are larger than what is considered normal.

Some women have an enlarged cl!torises that leave them feeling shameful and embarrassed.

*Dineo, who refused to give her full name because of the stigma, says that she has an enlarged cl!toris that has caused her problems in the bedroom in the past.

“My cl!toris sticks out. I’m lucky now to have found a man who does not mind it, but for the men, I got intimate with previously, it was a turn-off.

They would stare at it in shock and disbelief and one ex asked if I had both private parts, a pen!s and v@gina. I was devastated.”

Dineo says that the body-shaming would even extend to women.

“There were times when I showered with other females and they would stare. I was even once asked if I underwent female circumcision to enlarge it.”

Despite this, Dineo says she enjoys a normal s.e.x life and that her enlarged cl!toris has never given her problems medically or s.e.xually.

Gynaecologist Dr Mpume Zenda says that an enlarged cl!toris is nothing to be ashamed of.

“The cl!toris is the female pen!s, as it has the same tissue, vessels and glands that the pen!s has. People think that the ‘bean’ we see on top is the cl!toris, while it is just a cap. A woman’s cl!toris extends further underneath. So some women’s cl!torises peak out a bit more than others, and that is perfectly normal.”

Zenda says that the causes of an enlarged cl!toris vary between genetics and the use of steroids, the latter which she strongly cautions against.

She adds that women with an enlarged cl!toris should firstly have it checked out to rule out any medical anomalies, but that if everything checks out, they should actually be happier.

“They get to enjoy much more pleasurable s.e.x, and are more prone to 0rgasm. I say the bigger the better!” she says.

-daily sun

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