Adele says having a baby is not as easy as everyone thinks

Adele reflected on how seeing her friends’ challenges to have children has made her appreciate her own experience as a mother. The singer, 35, broke down in tears speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, saying it’s “not as easy as everyone thinks” after friends try for babies.

During her Las Vegas residency, Adele was stunned to spot the doctor who delivered her son Angelo in the audience. A video caught her reaction mouthing “shut up” in disbelief before running into the crowd. Adele apologized to fans as she paused her show, overcome in the moment.

She recalled it being a “surreal” and “emotional” moment, to unexpectedly reunite with the doctor who kept her safe and brought her child into the world.


She recounted: “I hadn’t seen him, my doctor, since my son was four days old. It was the most surreal experience of my life. As all my friends are trying for babies, I realised how it’s actually not as easy as everyone thinks to have a baby.”

Witnessing friends struggle to conceive has given the Someone Like You hitmaker a new perspective on her own “luck.” I’d been thinking about it so much recently, I got his number the next day and I texted him. I never really understood how lucky you can be to have a baby. And I didn’t understand the magnitude of him not only bringing my child safely into the world, but keeping me safe in it. This will make me cry. It was so emotional. I had no idea he was there [at the show].

Source: People

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