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A Closer Look into Kobe Bryant’s Helicopter Crash


On January 26th, 2020, tragedy struck California as Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna Bryant, and seven others were killed in a helicopter crash that morning. Both the world and the sports world were sent into shock as news of the accident broke. Kobe Bryant was viewed as a legend among men, often seen as someone who was invincible by the rest of the world. He was more than just a basketball player as well. He encouraged reading and helped to write books for children so that they could believe in themselves and accomplish anything. He was a mentor and coach and that morning was on his way to a basketball academy to put on a basketball clinic.

Finally, Kobe Bryant was a loving husband and father to four children. One question that will not be answered for at least another year, according to authorities, is what caused the crash? While many have speculated and hypothesized about the crash, no one knows exactly what happened and it is likely that no one will know for a while. The only thing we do know is that Sunday morning was one of the darkest times in California, as a legend passed away. Here is a closer look into the details surrounding Kobe Bryant and the helicopter crash.

 Wrongful Death Insurance Claims

 Wrongful death insurance sounds exactly like it is written. It is an insurance given to compensate a family should their loved one pass away unexpectedly. This was the case that Sunday morning in California. While the terms of the payout were not disclosed, one can conclude that the Bryant family was given a hefty sum for his death. Factors that are taken into consideration when providing a payout, according to experts from this website, are their current business ventures, their net worth, and their future outlook.

A person like Kobe Bryant had an extremely high net worth and was involved in many different business ventures, helping with basketball clinics and promotions around the world. As he aged, he was getting himself more and more involved in coaching roles and was looking like he would make more TV appearances. Based on this information, one can conclude that the amount given was astronomical. While there has never been any amount of money that can replace a loved one, there is at least some consolation in knowing that the family will be taken care of in the years to come.

 The Conditions Were Not Ideal for Flying

That Sunday morning, Kobe Bryant’s helicopter was given clearance to fly, despite an extremely dense fog settling over Los Angeles. The type of clearance given was called SVSR or special visual flight rules. The fog was so dense that morning, that all other helicopters in the city were grounded. Despite the conditions not being ideal, the pilot took off and headed for the basketball tournament Kobe Bryant was set to coach at. As the fog got worse and worse, the pilot was instructed to fly over the highway and use it as a guide for where they were going. The fog continued to get worse and worse till eventually, the pilot could not see and was flying circles above the California zoo blindly. Somewhere along the way, the pilot got disoriented and deviated from the standard path and started to head towards a mountain range.

Without proper communication from the air traffic control tower and due to poor visibility, the pilot was unable to see what was happening. How the impact happened exactly, no one knows yet, but the theory is that the helicopter lost control as it made a sharp turn through the clouds and impacted the side of the mountain and exploded, killing everyone on board. The helicopter also was not equipped with the recommended Terrain Awareness and Warning System or TAWS for short. This system helps to alert pilots of land and therefore, can allow pilots to make adjustments to avoid it. It is unsure if the system would have prevented the crash, but this adds an aspect of negligence into the crash itself. It is believed that this whole tragedy could have been avoided if they had waited for better flying conditions. The dense fog was a big contributor to the helicopter crash.   

Life can end suddenly at any given moment. This helicopter crash was a reminder to everyone around the world that no one is invincible, and that everyone at some point will pass away. Be sure to prepare yourself for this with proper insurance, so that you can leave behind some compensation to those you love. Make smart decisions, and remember to live out each day like it could be your last.