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Twitter reacts to the couple having 5 kids at the age of 32 and 28 #OurPerfectWedding

You never really know when or how you’re going to meet the one you’ll spend the rest of your life with. For all you know, they could be right in front of you but you’re unaware of it!

This perfectly describes how Nothando and Mbuso met. It was in varsity. Mbuso shared a room with one of Nothando’s classmates and it so happened that she and her classmate had to go over study material together, so she went over to their room.

Mbuso was also there when Nothando arrived and he immediately took a liking to herHe got a chance to ask her for her number but Nothando wasn’t interested and refused. Mbuso wasn’t fazed, for he figured his roommate might just help him out.


Unfortunately, even the roommate didn’t have Nothando’s contacts so Mbuso was practically “back to square one” with his mission! But, his roommate did give him the heads up, as to where they’d be studying with Nothando and the rest of their class, so Mbuso used that to track her.


She still wasn’t interested in him and he was sneaky enough to manage to send himself a Call Back using Nothando’s number, so he could get her number. They only started dating after a couple of weeks.

Some of the challenges they’ve faced includes the fact that they live 250 kilometres apart but they’ve managed to make it work and tonight, they make it official.




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