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46 crew members on Ruby Princess cruise ship test positive for coronavirus

Ruby Princess cruise

Almost half of a group of crew members from the Ruby Princess cruise ship who were showing symptoms tested positive for the novel coronavirus, Australian health authorities said Saturday.

Of the 97 staff from the cruise ship docked south of Sydney who were tested after showing flu-like and respiratory symptoms, 46 received positive results, New South Wales Health said in a statement. Further testing will follow in the coming days, the statement added.

Ruby Princess cruise

The full crew is made up of 1,040 staff. Several crew members had already been taken from the ship to Australian hospitals. The ship is due to leave Australia in ten days. The Ruby Princess has been docked next to a coal terminal in the industrial city of Port Kembla for a week.

Police are carrying out a criminal investigation into how almost 2,700 passengers were allowed to leave the ship in Sydney without proper isolation or health checks on March 19. The release of the passengers is linked to more than 600 Covid-19 cases and 16 deaths. It is the single biggest source of coronavirus infections in Australia.

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