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4 Amazing honeymoon ideas

Amazing honeymoon ideas

Today’s brides and grooms are looking to bring a little more of themselves into the honeymoon experience. No two couples are the same, so why should their post-wedding celebrations be? The desire for custom-built getaways that show off the happy couple’s shared priorities and worldview has given rise to all sorts of new honeymoon trends that are quickly gaining traction around the world.

Philanthropic and conservation-based honeymoons: We’re living in the age of social, cultural and environmental awareness, and while many couples look forward to a honeymoon of sun, sand and spa treatments, many others feel compelled to make their honeymoon into an opportunity to help others and make a genuine contribution to their destination. From helping to re-grow damaged coral reefs at a gorgeous ocean-front resort, to offering your time as volunteers, there are endless options to give back to both natural environment and the local communities at your destination, while still getting all the romance and relaxation you’d expect on your honeymoon.

Amazing honeymoon ideas

Honeymoons for foodies: One of the best parts of any honeymoon is enjoying the new flavours from around the world, and if you and your partner are die-hard foodies, you might even consider making your honeymoon all about the food. Considering a dream beach-getaway in Mauritius? Pair it with a series of authentic Mauritian cooking classes and learn to make a traditional Fish Vindaye, visit a local rum distillery or authentic spice farm, or take in the sights and sounds of the island’s vibrant street food scene. Any destination you can think of is surrounded by a rich culinary history just waiting to be discovered by intrepid travellers with large appetites.

Island Hopping: It’s understandable that when people mention exotic resort locations like Mauritius or Seychelles , many of us picture a single isolated location. In truth, island nations like these are rarely made up of a single island, and most have so many that their archipelagos are rich with a variety of natural, cultural and experiential activities that couldn’t possibly be found on one island alone. That’s why it’s become common for couples to engage in short bursts of island-hopping during their stay in order to soak up as much of the exotic honeymoon experience as possible. In Seychelles , for example, a trip to the largest island, Mahé, offers incredible beaches and a wide array of luxurious resorts, as well as access to the capital of the nation, Victoria. Praslin, the second biggest island, is far more laid back, less developed and is perfect for honeymooners looking to explore the Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve UNESCO World Heritage Site and the region’s wild, tropical rainforests. Though some are off-limits to tourists, Seychelles is made up of over 100 islands.

Wedding-Moons: For ultimate convenience and the opportunity to make extra-special memories, another emerging wedding trend is to roll the wedding and honeymoon into one unforgettable trip. Take advantage of the destination micro-wedding trend and get your nearest and dearest to join you at your dream destination for the ceremony. Staying on after the wedding guests have all departed means your honeymoon can start right away, exploring various day trips, rejuvenating couples’ spa treatments and more to make your tropical honeymoon unforgettable.

Source: IOL