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Three romantic getaways to visit this Valentines day

This is the season for baecations. I mean just scroll through your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter timeline and chances are you will come across a few pictures of couples smooching, cuddling or just hanging out at some foreign location enjoying a romantic getaway.

With it being winter in the northern hemisphere, many of the most appetizing destinations in the world are in “off-season” meaning that hotel prices (and other holiday-related costs) are lower than usual.

Paris, France

Paris, France

The mere mention of the word Paris triggers a sense of romance. Known as the city of love there aren’t many, if any, places anywhere in the world that can compare to the enchanting spirit of love found in Paris.

Santorini, Greece

It’s not everyday that a big time American rapper names one of his songs after a European city. But on the second song of his critically acclaimed album, Rather You Than Me, that’s exactly what Rick Ross did.

Santorini, GreeceAnd who would blame him — Santorini, Greece is a truly magical destination. A sunset view over its sparkling blue Aegean Sea is arguably one of the most romantic sights in all of Europe.

New York City, New York

New York might not immediately strike you as a romantic city but, this time of year, it really is.

New York City, New YorkThe snow, the holiday displays that adorn virtually each corner of the city and the energy of the city make this a prime spot for a baecation this time of year.

Source: IOL