4-5 goes to a deep sleep after one night stand with a cursed woman

4-5 goes to a deep sleep after one night stand with a cursed woman. But the night of passion has led to regrets for the 37-year-old from Wattville in Ekurhuleni. His girlfriend was away, so he decided to sneak in a woman for one night stand.

This is because his 4-5 no longer works and he believes it has been cursed. He also believes the woman he had a one night stand with might be cursed as he never had this problem before. The man told Daily Sun his 4-5 stopped working on 16 December. “I understand that what I did was wrong, but I don’t deserve to be punished like this.

“I noticed this when I wanted to masturbate, but my 4-5 didn’t erect. I tried to watch p0rn, but it still didn’t work,” he said. He then waited for his girlfriend to come back to see if his 4-5 has really died.

“I didn’t waste anytime when she came back. I tried to poke her, but the 4-5 didn’t stand. I went to the doctor who gave me some medication and recommended that I change my diet. I did as I was told, but it still didn’t work,” he said.

The man said his girlfriend wasn’t aware of the one night stand and all she knew was that his 4-5 has a little problem.

“I hope this woman doesn’t go around doing this to other men. If she’s doing this on purpose, I hope she finds her match.” The man said he hasn’t been to a sangoma as he wanted someone who has dealt with this kind of problem before.

Daily Sun spoke to sangoma Joseph Dungamanzi, who said his bones indicated that the woman’s p#nani was cursed, but she wasn’t aware of it. “Her relationships are also failing because of this and she needs help the most,” said Dungamanzi. He said the man could consult him and he’ll fix his problem.

Source – Daily Sun

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