10 stand out moments from the HHP’s #JoburgMemorialService

10 stand out moments from the HHP’s #JoburgMemorialService. Upon arrival at the Music Factory, which was the preferred venue for this sombre event, one caught the feeling of disbelief in the air amongst the masses, hence the passing of one of South Africa’s hip-hop greats – Jabulani “HHP” Tsambo, shook almost everyone to the core following reports that he kicked the bucket after an alleged suicide.

Jabba man was truly loved and admired by many.

HHP drawing

After scrambling through a mini-stampede by the gate, one finally settled in their seat inside the hall of the venue. The opening of the service saw us watching a documentary about the late rap star’s journey to the top. It was quite surreal hearing him speak and laugh hence, one would imagine that the intention of the screening of this documentary was to serve a reminder of who this comical rap giant truly was.

By this time the disbelief that one picked up upon arrival was slowly reaching a bay hence the reality of Jabba’s passing was now convincing.

ZAlebs was present at HHP’s memorial service in Newtown, together with many others’ who came through to pay their last respects to Jabba man.

Jabulani Tsambo

Below are the top 10 stands out moments from the memorial service held at the old Bassline yesterday.

1  Familiar Faces

Cassper Nyovest gave one of the most emotional speeches at the Memorial Service:

Cassper Nyovest with Jabba

Lesley Musina: Earlier this afternoon at Jabba’s memorial service at the Newtown Music Factory. “Ke rololo yame, just a pick up line I learnt from Khulani.” Here with the Motswakoriginator, @khulichana01. I first met Khuli back in 2003 before the first Morafe album was released. I’ll tell you the story one day of how it happened. You ain’t heard the whole thingy. What an amazing lad. Today we honour, Jabba. Rest In Power, Jabu. #HHPMemorial # RIPHHP RIPJABBA

Khuli Chana and Lesley Musina

Ordinary folks were not the only bunch that came through, ZAlebs spotted quite a handful of well recognised celebrities that occupy various branches within the world of the arts. These celebrities include, L-Tido, Sean Pages, Sjava, Khuli Chana and Buhle from The Soil, just to mention a few.

2.The Venue

The Music Factory(Old Bassline), was the preferred venue, though small, Jabba’s friends and fans did not seem to mind being on their feet during the entire duration of the service.

3. The Hosts

Rapper and TV Host, Stoan and hip-hop activist, Lee Kasumba were the MC’s of this sombre occasion. Though putting up a brave front, executing their hosting duties proved to be quite an emotional ride for them as they paid their last respects to their industry peer and friend.


Stoanito: My work here is done 😔🙏🏽 #RIPHHP funeral in Maf will be closure.

Lee Kasumba:

Lee Kasumba

Today has been like an eclipse…my heart can’t even believe … the person who brought sunshine into everyone’s life and always made others feel like they were special – He would dim his light to make everyone else shine…

So blessed to have known you… you’re one of the special ones…can’t even make sense of it all… you will always be loved…we’ll carry you in our hearts…. #HHPHarambe 💔💔💔 Found this clip of one of Jabba’s performances,I’ve watched it over and over again somehow feels like heaven.

4. Amu, The Principal

Amu, The Principal

Hip-hop legend, Amu was also present to pay his last respects to his friend and fellow rapper. Relaying his encounters with HHP, he said:’‘Please remember Jabba as the dopest lyricist ever, he loved what he did. Rest n peace Mpintshi Yaka( My friend)”.

5.Ah! Kabomo took us to church

This award winning musician and actor was clearly on preaching mode, as he urged everyone to never forget about their greatness. About Jabba he said:”Jabba was a king”.

6.Fresh, The big dawg.

DJFresh and HHP

Legendary radio broadcaster, DJ Fresh spoke quite emphatically about the late rapper, citing that his best memory of him was how well he showed up everytime one needed him. He continued to add:’‘He served his role in all our lives…lets continue playing his music”. DJ Fresh’s parting words were:”Rest in peace Jabba, I hope they can handle you out there”, he joked.

7. Bring on the music.

Musician, Maxhoba was definetly on some Godly tip when he rendered quite a number of songs on stage. His vocal contribution to HHP’s most iconic record, ‘Harambe‘ literally had everyone on their feet as he performed with other various hip hop acts. This performance was probabaly the most stand out musical tribute at the memorial.

8. SeTswana Glory.

As a proud Zulu speaking person, I found it very inspiring to recognise the level at which the SeTswana speaking people were in flex mode with their beautiful language. HHP truly made SeTswana fashionable.

9. Mufasa was there( of course).

Cassper Nyovest with Jabba

HHP’s former protege, Cassper Nyovest came through as well. Speaking about Jabba he said:”Jabba had a knack of greeting everyone like a friend. He used to put me on the spot and would expect me to rise to the occasion”…. During our last encounter, he looked me in the eye and said to me “Ke ya go rata”( I love you).

Lerato Sengadi

HHP’s wife, Lerato gave what one could easily interpret as a “Redemption speech”. It truly seemed as though she was trying to prove a point as recent reports implied that the Tsambo family don’t recognise her as their son’s wife. Paying tribute to Jabba, her words were:’‘I have lost my best friend, the love of my life. I loved you when no one loved you. I thank God for you every single day. I will stop at nothing to do what is right by you”.

The name HHP will surely go down in history as South Africa’s greatest to ever do it. Rest In Mostwako King.

Source: ZAlebs




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